BeoX’s cutting-edge high capacity switching network infrastructure yields tangible benefits.


BeoX’s cutting-edge high capacity switching network supports:

• PRESENCE IN 6 INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS Dallas USA, Washington DC USA, Miami USA, Seattle USA, London UK, Istanbul TURKEY.

• HIGH AVAILABILITY CONFIGURATION allowing our partners to sleep better at night

• INTEROPERABILITY WITH MULTIPLE GATEWAYS / SOFTSWITCHES including Cisco, Huawei, Genband G series, Sonus, Quintum, Vocaltec, etc.

• ADVANCED ROUTING calling plans facilitate a large variety of routing policies

• LOAD BALANCING OF HIGH-VALUE RESOURCES facilitating VoIP traffic management by monitoring and maximizing utilization of high value feature/application servers and media gateways

• CDR AGGREGATION and streaming to any billing or reporting device

• DETAILED REPORTING providing real time information on route quality, profitability and other business and technical metrics

Resulting in a number tangible business benefits for our partners including;

• Tightly controlled Service quality, availability and reliability.

• Competitive cost structure

• Increased Revenues

• Fast Deployment of interconnects with minimal operations expense

• Superior Customer Care and 24/7 NOC support